About Rugeley Community Church

Hello and welcome! We would love the chance to meet you in person but, until then, you’ll find information on this site about who we are, what we believe and what we are doing both as part of Church and as part of the wider community. Rugeley Community Church meets at Rugeley Community Centre on Sunday mornings but as a Church we also run the community building which is open every weekday and some Saturdays too. A mission statement may feel a bit businessy but it helps to quickly sum up who we are and what we want to achieve. Our mission statement is:

“As Church family, to live out the Love of God in our lives and with all we meet”

This means that we want to treat each other as family (in all the best ways), live in the love of God for ourselves and also to live out the love of God in serving the people of our community, town and region in ways such as offering support, practical help and friendship.

So that’s about it for this page. We hope you’ll click on a few more pages to find out some more, for example our “Sundays” page gives a feel for what our Sunday Services are like, “Our Story” tells a brief history of our Church and “Our Church” explains more about what we believe and live out.

This revamped website is pretty new so there may be a few errors or stuff that doesn’t work quite right, if you spot anything then we would be grateful if you get in-touch and let us know.

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